The Books of Amitav Ghosh

I just finished Amitav Ghosh’s River of Smoke. Wow. What a book! It’s the second of three books in the Ibis trilogy. The first, Sea of Poppies was every bit as good. And I eagerly await the publication of the third book, Flood of Fire – due in August 2015. Our excellent local, indie bookseller, Greenlight Bookstore, has had readings and signings by Mr. Ghosh for the previous books. I’ll keep an eye out for a repeat performance. (I have the 2nd book signed, if he comes back I’ll get numbers one and two!)

But about the books… they follow a fascinating cast of characters brought together on the decks and in the hold of the Ibis, a merchantman originally intended for the heroin trade but refitted during a lull in the market for transporting “coolies” from Continue reading