Surface Temperature “Hiatus” Brings No Respite from Global Warming

Wouldn’t it be nice if the “hiatus” we’ve seen in surface temperatures really DID suggest that global warming was not going to be so bad? Imagine that we were not facing rising sea levels, disruptions of our accustomed rainfall patterns (with a high likelihood of devastating impacts to food production) and expanding ranges for unpleasant pests and diseases. What a relief that would be, especially for the scientists who have been so concerned about the impacts of global warming.

But alas, it is not to be. Not only is the “hiatus” not as pronounced as it has been reported to be, but the research indicates Continue reading


The Books of Amitav Ghosh

I just finished Amitav Ghosh’s River of Smoke. Wow. What a book! It’s the second of three books in the Ibis trilogy. The first, Sea of Poppies was every bit as good. And I eagerly await the publication of the third book, Flood of Fire – due in August 2015. Our excellent local, indie bookseller, Greenlight Bookstore, has had readings and signings by Mr. Ghosh for the previous books. I’ll keep an eye out for a repeat performance. (I have the 2nd book signed, if he comes back I’ll get numbers one and two!)

But about the books… they follow a fascinating cast of characters brought together on the decks and in the hold of the Ibis, a merchantman originally intended for the heroin trade but refitted during a lull in the market for transporting “coolies” from Continue reading