An open letter to Chuck Schumer

Dear Senator Schumer,

I am profoundly disappointed in your statement rejecting the agreement that President Obama and other world leaders negotiated with Iran on their nuclear capabilities. I understand that the deal is flawed. But I believe your alternative is still more flawed. The US can not unilaterally strengthen sanctions in a meaningful way; do you believe it will be possible to work with with other countries to strengthen sanctions if we single-handedly scupper the agreement in question? Undercutting this agreement even has the potential to weaken international resolve to maintain sanctions at current levels. It certainly diminishes our claims to leadership.

In sum, I fear that if the deal is rejected, it will compromise our security, the security of Israel and our global leadership. It is hard to see how I would be able to continue supporting you should your statement lead to this outcome. Your decision saddens me greatly.


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